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When COVID-19 strikes communities with struggling health systems, vulnerable children and their families are most at risk. With your help, American Venezuelan Engagement Foundation will be there - even in hard-to-reach areas - providing sanitation, hygiene, and healthcare to combat COVID-19 and deadly hunger.

Donate now to help save lives.


With this fundraising we will promote our specialized programs to combat the spread of COVID-19

Feeding Smiles Program - USA

The Feeding Smiles USA Program aims to contribute to the alleviation of hunger and malnutrition conditions among Venezuelan children, elderly and adults by providing at least 15,000 nutritious monthly meals for a continued period of 12 months
Helps households improve their children's nutritional needs instead of having to recur to undignified or illegal methods to obtain food.

Stay Clean Program - USA

The stay clean program, consists on obtaining and delivering hygiene and personal care products to  distribute to vulnerable communities in Venezuela. The objective is to maintain communities Clean and safe, avoiding the propagation of the covid-19 virus and other epidemics.

The program aims to benefit at least 500 people per month through the supply of at least 4,320 pounds of basic necessities per year.

Health Program - USA

This program collects and packs health supplies in USA to be delivered to our local partner organizations based in Venezuela to be distributed among vulnerable communities.

We plan to deliver at least 6 boxes per month for a yearly total of 6,500 pounds.


The designed list of supplies includes medicines, infant formulas, vitamins and canned foods

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