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We support social and local initiatives in partnerships, empowering people to obtain their own goals to development the communities.


Now on, we are working to help through fundraising, collection of materials, food, medicines and school supplies, all of which are distributed among the most underprivileged neighborhoods and the zones most affected.


Also, we are focus in built educational and local programs to cooperate in initiatives that will help with the integration process of the immigrants as well as the improvements against poverty worldwide.


Feeding Smiles Program

This Program aims to contribute to the alleviation of hunger and malnutrition conditions among Venezuelan children, elderly and adults.


Sending Hope Program

This program collects and packs health supplies, hygiene, toys and personal care products to be delivered to our local partner organizations based in Venezuela


Back To School Program

Every year Engagement Foundation organizes our Back-to-School Program, collecting books, notebooks and school supplies to distribute among children living in poverty.


Hope for Kids with Hydrocephalus

The purpose of this fund is to provide a pediatric peritoneal bypass for each child and equip them with the proper medical supplies for their upcoming surgery.


English Program For Talented Children

The creation of an English Programs for Talented children will help the students expand their cultural vision and will prepare them to be more competitive in a global world


Geeky Latinas

An online educational platform for empowering young Latinas in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), as a feasible mechanism to propel the next generation of professionals in these areas while promoting diversity of gender and ideas.

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