Proposal Summary

CVEF HEALTH PROGRAM collects and packs health supplies in Canada to be delivered to our local partner organizations based in Venezuela to be distributed among vulnerable communities.

We plan to deliver at least 6 boxes per month for a yearly total of 6,500 pounds.


The designed list of supplies includes medicines, infant formulas, vitamins and canned foods


  • First Aid: Gauze pads, bandages, gloves, medical tape, adhesives, tourniquets, physiological solution, ringer lactate, hydrogen peroxide, iodopovidone,  defibrillators, CPR pocket masks and thermal blankets


  • Non prescription medications: Pain relievers, anti-inflammatories, antipyretics or medications to relieve flu symptoms, cough suppressants, antiallergics, digestives, polyvitamins for children, adults, elderly and pregnant women, calcium, magnesium, iron, folic acid.

  • Canned products: tuna, corn, mixed vegetables, carrots, tomato sauce, soups, chickpeas, among others.

  • Other products: sugar, salt, oil, coffee, powdered milk, baby food, oatmeal, cornmeal, cornstarch, rice and bean grains, raw juices and pasta, to name a few

Partner Organizations

Local Venezuelan foundations & NGO’s:

  • Fundación Venezolana de Atletas Cristianos.

  • Alimenta la solidaridad.

  • Meals4hope Venezuela.

  • Local community centers: Don Bosco home for children, youth and adults.

  • Community kitchens, schools and hospitals.

  • Local Catholic and Christian churches

Program Activities

  • Recruit, train and organize volunteers to collect, pack and deliver health supplies.

  • Coordination and distribution of supplies to Venezuelan communities in need.

Program Objetives

  • Collect quality medical supplies to be distributed free of charge to local partner organizations in Venezuela

Ultimate Goal

  • Provide proper humanitarian assistance to vulnerable communities in Venezuela with the humanitarian action principles of humanity, neutrality, impartiality and independence to improve livelihoods.

9,000 people are currently benefiting from the CVEF Health Program, including children, elderly, and vulnerable family households

How can you help?

  • Donations and memberships through the CVEF’s website

  • Repost and raise awareness of our programs on social platforms

  • Share our work with family, friends and colleagues

  • Propose fundraising initiatives to our cause

  • Volunteer in fundraising activities and events.

  • Your company can:

    • Affiliate CVEF as a social cause

    • Sponsor one of our local centers


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