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Faire Quebec

Faire Quebec


CVEF serves an increasingly large and larger clientele, consisting of refuge applicants and immigrants of multiple nationalities with a strong proportion from Latin America. We offer free reception and integration services that extend in Quebec through Greater Montreal, Brossard, Laval and Vaudreuil-Dorion.

Our team of facilitators are men and women interested in accompanying and supporting newcomers. They assess the needs of each person or family group and do what is necessary, in order to offer them support and propose solutions adapted to their needs in their integration and adaptation processes. 

Thanks to the cultural diversity of the team, the services are offered in English, French and Spanish

CVEF for this program has coordinators and their respective assistants who work hand in hand with volunteers currently linked to the foundation (Approximately 200 people) in Quebec. 

Apart from that, CVEF uses the collaborative relationships it has with other organizations, local associations, of friends in Quebec to materialize the aid with excellence.


To be an accompanying body for refugees and immigrants newly arrived in Quebec with a precarious economic condition in their process of establishment and integration into Canadian society.

Assist new refugees and immigrants in their settlement, Immigration, Integration and work processes in the first years of their stay in Quebec, through the assessment of their needs, in order to offer them support and propose solutions adapted to these needs.

Program activities

1. Logistic Support- Donations: 

Once the newcomer comes into contact with the foundation, the need is detected and the Logistic Support coordinator asks the network of volunteers to help us provide what is necessary to settle. To date, more than 35 families have been helped with this program that started in 2018

2. Immigration: Assist newcomers to Quebec in immigration matters by guiding and accompanying volunteers according to need and case. We offer:

  • Guidance on the ability of third parties in immigration matters.

  • Information from third parties with immigration certification.

  • Accompaniment of an interpreter in French, English and Spanish at no cost.

  • Volunteers for childcare during face-to-face and legal hearings in immigration proceedings.

  • Orientation of free services.

3. Work: 

  • Help newcomers find their first work experience in Quebec

  • Guidance on best practices looking for a job.

  • Guidance on the culture of the country.

  • Language improvement support.

  • Sharing information about job offers in your domain or training.

  • Referring employment opportunities near your place of residence


Contribute to the process of integrating newcomers to Quebéc through cultural activities. In this line of action, we give the following support:

  • Workshops, talks aimed at the initial prevention of depression due to the migratory process.

  • Organize events that stimulate the integration of different communities through recreational and cultural activities.

  • Participate in public and private events to support initiatives that seek to unite and develop the sense of collaboration between locally established communities.

  • Promote the participation of new immigrants in charitable and integration activities.

  • Telephone calls to families, new mothers, home visits to sick or vulnerable people in order to direct them to the relevant services.

How can you help?

  • Memberships through the CVEF’s website

  • Repost and raise awareness of our campaigns and programs on social platforms

  • Share our work with family, friends and colleagues!

  • Propose fundraising initiatives to our cause

  • Volunteer in fundraising activities and events

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Your company can:

  1. Affiliate CVEF as a social cause.

  2. Sponsor our program

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