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Geeky Latinas

Geeky Latinas


The number of Canadian Women working in engineering grew from 1% to 12% from 1978 to 2014 thanks to efforts by players in different sectors. However, this proportion is still low, and the scenario is not better for women in the basic sciences.

There are about 1 million Latin immigrants living in Canada and the community is fast growing; Latin women must be considered a target for STEM diversity and inclusion.

STEM qualifications are in demand to address current global challenges, e.g., medicine, affordable energy, clean water, and cyber security.

Inclusive work environments and diversity of ideas promote scientific and technological advances and economic growth.

The CVEF strongly believes in role model mentorship as a feasible path to enhance Latin American women inclusion in the STEM field in Canada.

Our proposed solution is Geeky Latin@s

A STEM Leadership Program for Young Latinas in the Americas

An online educational platform for empowering young Latinas in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), as a feasible mechanism to propel the next generation of professionals in these areas while promoting diversity of gender and ideas.


1. Recruit instructors, facilitators and participants

  • Potential instructors and facilitators will be recruited from all the Americas, via email, phone messaging.

  • Social media will be used to promote the program and recruit participants.

2. Create working teams

  • Three teams: two for STEM, and one for leadership.

  • Two leaders per team; a majority woman.

  • Teams work together with project coordinator to assemble the instructors and facilitators that will participate in each team.

3. Deliver Program

  • A series of online and on-site educational workshops carefully designed for a young Latin female audience.

  • Selection of outstanding participants for short STEM internship

Pathways to Sustainability & Scalability

We plan to implement two sustainability models:

1. Classic:

  • Assignation of a percentage of the CVEF donations to the program

  • Fundraising events by the CVEF, alone or in association with the institutions of the team members (e.g., University of Guelph).

2. Non-classical:

  • A non-for-profit store with both, online and on-site branches, in Guelph and Montreal.

Impact and Measurement

  1. An enhanced interest of young latin women in STEM Careers.

  2. A significant increase in the rate of success of Latin Women in completing a higher education STEM career.

  3. A long-term increase diversity at the workplace.

  4. A long-term increase in participation of women in leadership positions at the workplace.

  5. A long-term improvement in productivity of research, technology, and industry sectors in Canada, with an overall positive impact in the country’s economic and social development.

  6. Public presentations and journal publications for dissemination of program outcomes.

How you can help?

  • Memberships through the CVEF’s website

  • Repost and raise awareness of our campaigns and programs on social platforms

  • Share our work with family, friends and colleagues!

  • Propose fundraising initiatives to our cause

  • Volunteer in fundraising activities and events

  • Make your purchases through Amazon Smile

Your company can:

  1. Affiliate CVEF as a social cause.

  2. Sponsor our program

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