Congratulations to all the winners




One of our main projects is the English Program for Young Talents, developing a specilized method to give the opportunity to a selected talented children in countries in need to learn English or French as a second language.


These future artists, musicians, gifted students, athletes or community leaders will be have the tools to be more competitive in a globalize world, helping to expand their careers abroad their frontiers without fear about communications. 


Otherwise, we are aware of the importance of education for the progress of a country like Venezuela.  As a part of our Program we provide children with school supplies in order to stimulate them to study and reduce the high index of school drop out.So far, we had delivered to Venezuela more than 7,000 notebooks, 500 reading books and more than 15 school supplies boxes in over 50 schools all over the country. With this program, we have benefited almost 10.000 children in school age. 


Nevertheless, it is not enough because the necessity is enormous. We still need send tons of school supplies to cover the educational centers located in the most needed communities.


At the same time, we have being work to strengthen the integral formation of children in Venezuela with high economic needs and great learning potential, giving them back hope and love for academic formation.