Help a Venezuelan Student  with School Supplies

Due to the severe economic conditions currently underway in Venezuela, and given the difficulties to find food, medicines and products, the availability to cover the basic needs of the majority of the population is quite limited.

The population, increasingly impoverished, finds hard to divert the few resources they have to equip their children with school supplies.


This causes many children and adolescents to not complete their cycle of studies, increasing the drop-out numbers to a worrying amount.

An investment in knowledge pays the best dividends.

-Benjamin Franklin

Our Goal

Our objective with this initiative is to improve conditions in the teaching and learning process of pre-school and elementary school students through the provision of school supplies.  We have the support of FE Y ALEGRIA VENEZUELA, an internationally recognized NGO for its work of more than 60 years in the country. With the banner of offering quality education to the most needed, the Program ESCUELAS of FE Y ALEGRIA has 170 educational institutions distributed in different towns and cities of the country. Currently, this program serves 111,317 boys and girls, the majority coming from low-income families. We will work together with Father S.J. Jesus Rodriguez Villarroel, in charge of FE Y ALEGRIA VENEZUELA, to coordinate with us the recollection of this donations until the arrival of the material in Caracas, from where it will be distributed to help them to reach the most immediate needs.


Our goal is to be able to raise US $ 20,000.00 for the purpose of providing children with notebooks, pencils and educational materials to the greatest number of children, encouraging them to continue with the educational process and not abandon their studies. We need your collaboration to achieve this goal, which although is not sufficient to provide for the entire student population in need, but could help the life of a child in Venezuela, and prepare them to build the future that we all dream about.


We will be accepting the donations from now until the next June 30, so that we have enough time to gather all the materials and distribute them to schools around the country. This will allow those in need to be prepared for the beginning of the next school year.

Get a Notebook
and help one student with school supplies

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