We are the Venezuelan Engagement Foundation Group, charitable No: 501(c)(3), formed by several not-for-profit organizations, connected to help different regions around the world. In spite of our short existence, we already count with over 500 volunteers, in cities in the United States, Canada, Spain, Greece, Peru, Panama, Colombia and Venezuela, who work to help the most communities in need.

  In Spain and Greece, we work through the European Venezuelan Engagement Association (EVEA), which coordinates all the European zone, registered as a not-for-profit organization.

Our Objetives

General Objetive


Provide humanitarian assistance to the most vulnerable populations in Venezuela.

Specific Objetive


It consists of collecting medicines, hospital medical supplies, school supplies, toiletries and personal hygiene, clothing, providing food and providing the necessary logistics for free distribution.

Our Mision

We are a not-for-profit NGO with more than 500 volunteers, our mission is to:

  • Provide education, counselling and other support services for immigrants and refugees in need, including assistance in immigration procedures, job search programs, and information programs on American culture and life.

  • Relieve proverty by providing food and other basic necessities to individuals and families in need in USA and Venezuela.

  • Advance education by providing English language courses to children in Venezuela.

  • Send humanitarian aid to children and people in need in LATAM

We support social and local initiatives in partnerships, empowering people to obtain their own goals to development the communities. Now on, we are working to help Venezuelan nationals through fundraising, collection of materials, food, medicines and school supplies, all of which are distributed among the most underprivileged neighborhoods and the zones most affected by the crisis this country is facing.


Also, we are focus in built educational and local programs to cooperate in initiatives that will help with the integration process of the immigrants as well as the improvements against poverty worldwide.

Organizative Structure


Founder & President

Mrs. Garcia born in Caracas, Venezuela. She obtained a Bachelor Degree in Architecture from Universidad Simon Bolivar in 1990. She worked as an Architect & President in her own Firm for more than 20 years.  She combined her specialization as a General Inspector in several Projects with a lot of designs Projects and renovations.

Also, Mrs. Garcia was the Founder & CEO of a group of retail stores in Caracas for 10 years (Bath & Body Collection) 

For many years she volunteer with many humanitarian projects in Venezuela.  She worked as a part of the community team as a coordinator in several local and national elections for more than 30 years. 

Currently she is living in Canada with her family, where combines her activities as a Executive VicePresident of Venezuelan Engagement Foundation with her role as a World Jurist Association Delegate for UNICEF, in order to organize and impulse Humanitarian Aid Programs to the people in need.


Ph. +1 (305) 5631435

Jesus Becerra


Criminal lawyer specialized in property and economic-business crimes. Attribution of criminal responsibility, intuitu personae in business structures and corporate criminal liability. Consultant in legal-criminal patrimonial and economic matters. Professor of Criminal Law at Pompeu Fabra University.

Mr. Becerra is a member of the research group in economic-business criminal law in the area of ​​criminal law of the Pompeu Fabra University.


Ph. + 34 (671) 298626


Community Manager



Website Manager


Honorary Members

Orlando Viera.jpg


Honorary Member

Mr. Viera-Blanco is a well-known Venezuelan Lawyer and Human Rights activist.  He graduated from Universidad Católica de Venezuela in Caracas in 1987, continuing his Graduate Studies in Commercial Law and Intelectual Property. Mr. Viera-Blanco also has a Master Degree in Political Science from Universidad Simon Bolivar in Venezuela. He taugh Political Culture and Democratic Values in Canadian and Venezuelan Universities. ​

Mr. Viera Blanco is the Senior Partner & Founder of the Law Firm "Viera Blanco & Asociados" established in 1989. Also he founded a political communication, public opinion and qualitative surveys Firm "Data Mining"  in 2003. He is a regular columnist and writer for more than 25 years in  a Venezuelan newspaper "El Universal" and other newspapers/media/websites of national and international circulation.

As a Latin American VicePresident for the World Jurist Association he participated in several conferences about Law and Human Rights. He is an external advisor to the Permanent Foreign Affairs Committee of the National Assembly of Venezuela.  He participated as an advisor in many electoral campaigns and Political Communication in Venezuela.

Currently Mr. Viera Blanco combines his dues as a President of Venezuelan Engagement Foundation Group with his activities in the defense of Human Rights around the world and his work as a Lawyer.

Venezuela Team

Henrys Silva.jpg



Born in Quiriquire, State of Monagas, Venezuela. He is an entrepreneur and potential motivator. Activist and an ambassador of social causes through the foundation he founded and has led for four years. The Foundation "A New Hope" (Fundación Una Nueva Esperanza, FUNDUNE, in Spanish), one of the organizations allied to VEFG from Venezuela. He is a Radio Speaker graduated at Universidad Central de Venezuela in Caracas and he also holds a degree of Medical Doctor, graduated at Universidad de Oriente in Bolivar city. He is an artist, singer, and TV host (Currently, the host of the marathon program "Super Sabado Sensacional", led previously by Amador Bendayan, Gilberto Correa, Daniel Sarcos and Leonardo Villalobos). He is also a presenter of the beauty pageant of universal reference, the "Miss Venezuela", both broadcasted through Venevision, Venevision Plus, and Venevision USA. Likewise, he hosts the lottery game "El Kino Tachira" of Tachira Lottery raffles for Venezuela. Today, as never before, the commitment of Henrys Silva, his Board of Directors and of the volunteers that work with him in his Organization "FUNDUNE" is to serve the one in need in Venezuela and to be a channel for VEFG and their plans, to work as allies and to supervise the projects along with VEFG.


+58 (414) 8576184

Romina Rojas.png



Born in the city of Maturín in Venezuela, October 5, 1977. She studied chemicall engineering at the University of Oriente and graduated in the year 2003, She studied English at the University of the West Indies at Mona, Jamaica, and She studied in the area of automation and Industrial Informatics.

She works in the Venezuelan oil industry in the area of oil, gas and water production, responsible for designing and planning the infrastructure for the processing requirements of oil, gas and water associated with the production of petroleum. Responsible for the optimization of process plants, especially flow stations in the Department of Production engineers, with extensive knowledge in systems of transmission or collection of fluids, separators, pipes, gas injection nets Lift at surface level. In addition, She has carried out a job of providing clothes and food for the children of the hostel Maturín and since January 2019 She serves as coordinator in the eastern part of the VEFG food Program.


Reina Ruiz.jpeg



Reina Ruiz holds a Degree of English Teacher and Master in Higher Education from Universidad Pedagodica Experimental Libertador (UPEL) in Maturin. She has 12 years of experience in English Language Teaching. She works as an English teacher for both undergraduate and graduate programs for English Teachers at UPEL. She is the Secretary of VENTESOL (Venezuelan National Association of English Teachers). She joined Engagement Foundation as a volunteer in January 2018. Currently, she coordinates the English Program for Little Talents in which 65 children are taught English and receive a meal during their classes.


+58 (424) 9103138









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