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In Venezuela and around the world, Engagement Foundation does whatever it takes — every day and in times of crisis — to give children a healthy life and the opportunity to learn.

Our mission is contributing to education, personal well-being and the strengthening of communities to improve their quality of life.

Until today, we have been able to deliver help in the following ways:

FOOD SECURITY: We contribute to the supply of nutritious food to vulnerable families and communities so that they can have an active and healthy life.

EDUCATION: Specialized programs are provided to contribute to the achievement of comprehensive training to achieve better opportunities.

COMMUNITIES DEVELOPMENT: To build strong, integrated communities by fostering local initiatives that address the social problems of each entity to achieve their full potential.

HEALTH AND WELL-BEING: To offer programs that help individuals, families, and communities in need to achieve full health.

Thanks to giving people like you, our work is making a difference!

An Engagement for Life, is a virtual fundraising initiative promoted by the Engagement Foundation to guarantee continuous help to children and people in poverty in Venezuela. Our programs combat daily with the increase in poverty, child malnutrition, the impact of COVID-19, forced mass migration, food insecurity and the deterioration of the quality of life that the population faces every day.

This year Engagement Foundation is pleased to extend you an invitation to this Virtual Fundraising Event.


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Saturday, December 11, 2021

7:00 PM EST

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