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With your support, this December 12th, you will receive a VIP Pass to our Virtual Fundraising Event, to know how your donation makes a difference, and brings hope to Venezuelan children in need. 

In Venezuela and around the world, Engagement Foundation does whatever it takes — every day and in times of crisis — to give children a healthy life and the opportunity to learn.


We support social and local initiatives through partnerships, empowering people to reach their own goals to develop their communities. We are working to help through fundraising and collecting materials, food, medicines and school supplies, all of which are distributed among the most underprivileged neighbourhoods and in zones that are most affected by poverty in Latin America.

An Engagement for Life, is a virtual fundraising initiative promoted by the Engagement Foundation to guarantee continuous help to children and people in poverty in Venezuela. Our programs combat daily with the increase in poverty, child malnutrition, the impact of COVID-19, forced mass migration, food insecurity and the deterioration of the quality of life that the population faces every day.

Thanks to giving people like you, our work for Venezuela’s children is making a difference!

This 2020

we are delivering..

+ 800 thousands meals








Donate for Life

This holiday season be part of the engagement, a commitment to save lives

We need your support, and for this reason, with your donation, we want to offer you an special place on our Virtual Fundraising Event celebrate this December 12th at 7:00 PM EST.


We want to show you how your donation is making a difference, and bringing hope to Venezuelan children in need. 

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