In Canada and USA we working with immigrants, groups and students in need who are living outside their original countries, specially those who are economical struggles. We will give them the information and the support they will need, throughout specialists, educational sessions, books, material and all the information that they will need in order to stablished them more easy in the communities 


Our goal is to provide them the guidance and orientation support they will need to adapt themselves to their new communities. Also, we know how difficult could be to move to another country, so we organize some events to collect clothes, school supplies and small items to be distributed among the most needed in coordination basis providing knowledge and orientation about foreign human poverty realities in order to coordinating measures to humanitarian aids and immigration public policies. 

We  collaborates at multiple levels in setting meetings, agendas at different stakes of the Governments presenting reports and testimonies before Parliamentary committees, commissions and Ministries. On a hemispheric and international spectrum, we collaborates with delegations and regional organizations such as the United Nations and the Organization of the American States in defense of Human Rights.


For educational purpose, we coordinate public speeches, forums and small conversation groups to analyze the adaptation process of the new coming families helping their integration to social groups through our activities.