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When COVID-19 attacks communities with struggling health systems are most at risk.

When COVID-19 attacks communities with struggling health systems, vulnerable children and their families are most at risk. With your help, the Venezuelan Engagement Foundation Group will be present to combat the effects of this pandemic and the existing malnutrition.

Based on the results of the Survey on Living Conditions in Venezuela (ENCOVI for its acronym in Spanish), during this unprecedented crisis, the social evaluation results are alarming. The study was conducted and collected data between November 2019, March 2020, and April 2020.

Among the most alarming points: poverty has increased to historical levels, reporting 96.2% poverty by income, and 79.3% of the population is in extreme poverty. Families and households can no longer afford daily meals.

This results in a considerable percentage increase of malnourished children, where approximately 639,000 are under the age of 5 and have been diagnosed with chronic malnutrition. Venezuela is close to the malnutrition indicators of African countries such as Cameroon and Nigeria.

There is really no way of determining the size of the health crisis that is looming as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. From the recent increase in COVID cases in the country, we must think of the devastating effect it can have on poorly fed families, particularly children and the elderly.

If we do not act now, we will face a devastating loss of life. Delivering adequate nutrition and increasing prevention and safeguard mechanisms will determine whether the consequences of COVID-19 will continue for months, years, or decades.

From the Venezuelan Engagement Foundation Group, and with the support of our allies, we must continue to work in order to counteract this negative impact. For this reason we seek to further promote our existing programs aimed directly at combating this crisis.

We proudly provide humanitarian responses to vulnerable communities, we aim to save lives through our recovery and local delivery programs. Our trusted presence and experience have given us the ability to adapt quickly to changing conditions, but we cannot do this important work without the continued support of our volunteers and donors.

Children, elderly, their families and their communities affected by this crisis will need continuous relief in the days and months to come.

We invite you to help our efforts with your valuable donation in our:

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With this fundraiser we will promote our specialized programs to combat the spread of COVID-19.


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